Injection technology from Güstrow

  • No seepage of nitrogen into the atmosphere

  • Fertilizer is stored as a fixed depot in the soil

  • The depot is not affected by soil bacteria

  • The nitrogen supply is administered according to growing conditions during the entire vegetation period

  • Ammonium nitrogen is available immediately at the roots or is accessed at short notice through the plant roots

  • Only one application is necessary for most crops

  • Exact output on field borders and water bodies is no longer a problem


  • Truck construction variants (also for special tracs)
  • Tractor-driven single-axle units
  • Injectors attached to the three-point attachment of the tractor

The Cultan Method, it works …

Injection stick (spoke) on wheels, liquid fertilizer is injected 6 cm into the ground, each wheel has 12 spokes. The spokes work according to the nozzle principle via integrated valves and inject the fertilizer quantities depending on the speed and the given application volume with a system pressure of 1.5 – 6 bar. This depot feeds the plant directly over the roots, which develops the depot growth conformation throughout the entire growth period.

The distance between the injection points is 13 cm, the distance between the rows is 25 cm (adjustable for smaller machines). The working widths range from 1m in parcel construction to 12m for large-area usage. A computer controlled application allows rates of 150 to 1200 kg of fertilizer per hectare. The machines are linked to the speed sensor of the working machine, which ensures a constant output rate even when the vehicle speed changes.

The following variations are available in the performance profile of the manufacturer:
The principle of operation is the same for all injection machines of the Güstrower series GFI. Injection bikes made of aluminum or stainless steel are used, which are coated with carbide metal spokes.

Technical data for Injectors

GFI 3-4A
GFI 6-4GFI 12-4
GFI 15-4

GFI 27-4
Tank Volume500 L500 – 8000 L8000 L8000 L
Injection Wheels12246060108
Electronic Section Control
Foam Marking
Series Production