Over 100 years of agricultural machinery from Güstrow

Firmenzentrale in Güstrow

Over the years our Company has continued to develop from a machine building factory into a leading specialist in fertilizer technology.

The success of our development is confirmed by awards such as the Leipziger Messegold and the Innovation Prize from the trade journal ‘Neue Landwirtschaft’.

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Our digital technology and operating software is constantly being developed across all our series. Therefore all devices are ISOBUS compatible.


Development of the largest injector in the world with a working width of 27 m.


Export volume reaches approximately two-thirds of total revenues. International market research is the basis for the introduction of the new GDK series of large-area spreaders with working widths up to 42 m.


Renovation and expansion of the production site, with the addition of the cutting, painting and drying plant, as well as the expansion of the welding assembly area.


Introduction of the new GFI Series of Injectors.


Launch of new series of electronically controlled large area spreaders for precision farming, using DGPS and nitrogen sensor application. A complete assortment of overloading technology to improve logistics during the harvesting process, fertilization, and in the spreading of seed.


Innovation Prize from the trade journal ‘Neue Landwirtschaft’. Awarded for a bed spreader as a summplemental accessory for optimized fertilizer spreading in potato cultivation.


Production and patent of injection stencils for injection devices used for the Cultan Process.


By optimizing production depth, the company focuses on the development and marketing of fertilization technology.


Sale of the first electronically controlled high capacity spreader ready for variable rate fertilization.


Gold medal at the Leipzig Spring Fair for the D038 A01 fertilizer spreader. In production for domestic and international markets since 1986.


Registration into the Güstrow-Rövertannen as VEB Landmaschinenbau Güstrow; producer of spur gears, angle gears, Combine shafts, high capacity fertilizer spreaders, roller chains for agricultural machines, and fine crushers.


Construction of the first large-area fertilizer spreader.


Conversion of the machine factory Lythall to VEB (K) Maschinenbau Güstrow. Production profile includes beet crushers, choppers, and plows.


Establishment of the machine factory Lythall.