Discover the advantages of Güstrower fertilizer spreaders

  • Scraper floor instead of a conveyor belt

  • Own electronically controlled on-board hydraulics for driving the spreading discs

  • Universal: granulate to lime / residual product because:

    Scraper chain, 6 different spreading units

  • Large Impact:

    5 to 16 m³, with a payload up to 18 t (14,5 t on public roads)

  • Electronic Controls:

    ISOBUS Job Calculator, TJ500, section control, spreading with/after Application Cards, spreading with all types of sensors

  • Running Gears:

    Large wheels (up to 2.05 m), tandem chassis with track 1.85 to 2.25 m + large wheels, steering axle /steering wheel, BPW axles

  • Trac:

    All spreaders also on truck / Trac


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High capacity spreaders made by Güstrow are used as universal scraper chain spreaders for universal use

The basis for Precision Farming

Spreaders from GMB Güstrower Maschinenbau GmbH have always been able to work with prescription maps. Previously an external device was required to read the cards, so we now offer the complete electronics from a single source.

The “Matrix Pro 570 GS” is perfectly matched to the on-board computer TJ500.

Mounting and wiring are extremely easy.

After automatic dosing in the headland and in the wedge (Section – Control), spreading of application maps is now also possible with the “Matrix Pro GS”.

ISO-XML files are converted with the program “Fieldware Link” and transferred via USB stick. A program for reading SHAPE files will be provided soon. A one-time activation of the matrix is ​​required.

The evaluation takes place in the format SHP, PDF or KML compatible Google Earth satellite image files. For greater accuracy, in addition to the DGPS via EGNOS, RTK can also be used by external receivers. A larger display (21.3 cm) and better resolution offers the Matrix Pro 840 GS.

Of course, there is still the option of networking the TJ500 on-board computer via the serial interface with existing electronics including ISObus and N-sensor.

We also supply the spreaders with AEF – tested ISObus job computers.

Technical Data for Fertilizer Spreaders at a glance

High capacity Spreaders, trailedGDK 5.000GDK 6.000GDK 7.000GDK 8.000GDK 9.000GDK 10.000
Conveying SystemScraper chainScraper chainScraper chainScraper chainScraper chainScraper chain
Size of bin5 m³6 m³7 m³8 m³9 m³10 m³
+ hopper extension 300 mm7 m³8,5 m³10 m³11 m³12,5 m³14 m³
+ hopper extension 450 mm 8 m³10 m³11 m³12,5 m³14,5 m³16 m³
Total Weight*12.000 kg12.000 kg12.000 kg12.000 kg22.400 kg22.400 kg
Payload * on public roads8.800 kg8.600 kg8.500 kg8.200 kg15.300 kg15.300 kg
Possible technical Payload *10.920 kg10.650 kg10.400 kg11.000 kg18.500 kg18.500 kg
Overall Length5,67 m6,32 m6,82 m7,30 m8,03 m8,80 m
Dimensions of bin (LxW)3,0 x 2,28 m3,6 x 2,28 m4,1 x 2,28 m4,65 x 2,28 m5,36 x 2,28 m6,00 x 2,28 m