Güstrower Maschinebau has been in business for over 100 years

Our company has been manufacturing professional-grade machines and vehicles for over 100 years. Our specialty is customization of high capacity spreaders, chaser bins and injectors to our customers requirements. Farmers and contractors have been relying on Güstrower Maschinebau quality for years.

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High capacity spreader

Universal Spreader with a volume up to 16m³

Chaser bin

Transport logistics in the harvest chain up to 40m³

Injection machine

Delivering liquid fertilizers safely to the target


From 30.08.-13.10.2018 our company is closed because we renovate.

There is an emergency service for spare parts and customer service:

+49 170 / 326 81 75

It could come to impairments.

Thank you for your understanding.

Detailed information on individual products and related equipment options can also be obtained from our sales partners locally.

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